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Fun Facts

All 100,000 lights on the Bluelights House can be turned on with a single switch!

Putting on a on display worthy of the donations we receive would not be possible without the help of volunteers who generously give their time and resources while braving rain, cold and tall ladders to help get a half ton of lights, extension cords, computers a splitters out of storage, onto the house and then back into storage in January.

We are always grateful to the following partners without which none of this would be possible:
Past volunteers, donors and partners who will always have our gratitude include:
  • Chris Piller
  • Stephen Conwell
  • Jerry Bankson
  • Nancy Smith
  • Norman Barden
  • Jay Hickey
  • Brad Broxton
  • Luke Jeffers
  • Julian and Mary Smith
  • The Athens Banner Herald
  • Turner South Storyline
  • The University Of Georgia New Media Institute
  • Noah Philpot
  • Chad Smith
  • Mark Gore
  • Anne and Bill Trimble
  • Margarita, Laura & Danny Osorio
  • Gloria Walker
  • Abe Hale
  • Wal-Mart Stores of Athens
  • Target
  • Paul and Diane Boykin
  • The dozens of friends and strangers each year who offer their help
We have special thanks to a lady we don't know by name, but she is the first to donate every year, usually before we even have the lights finished. She comes in the daytime and completely fills the donation box. We think of her everytime donations are mentioned. She, along with the others who give - big or small - embody the spirit of Christmas and we are honored that they choose us to receive their generosity.

We would also like to thank all of the newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts and "the grapevine" of people telling their friends who all help bring visitors and donations to the Blue Lights. We're also grateful for the encouragement, well wishes and offers for help from of all the neighbors, dog walkers, joggers and passerbys.

AND MOST OF ALL we would like to especially thank Jeremy McClure who donated the custom 400 amp electrical system that powers the Bluelights and his skill as an electrician to install it. Without his generosity, this display and the donations it receives would not be possible.

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