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Fun Facts

In 1882, Edward Johnson was the first person to use electric lights to decorate for Christmas in 1882. He was an associate of Thomas Edison.

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The Bluelights on Television TBS!

The Emmy award winning television show "TBS Storyline" filmed the installation and grand lighting of the Bluelights House. They filmed on three separate days throughout the month of November as the lights went up and then came back on December 1st to film the grand lighting. The video was aired in segments during a one-hour Holiday special about people helping others at the Holidays. They opened the show with the Bluelights coming out of storage and after each segment of the show they would "check back to see how the Bluelights are coming along". The was the final segment of the show and we were very flattered to be chosen by TBS and included with the USO, Anna's Angels and the other groups that aired with us.

Click here to see the segment on their website. Just click the photo in the center that says "Christopher's Lights". You'll need to download Quicktime to view the movie.

You can view the video on our site in Windows Media format (.wmv) here.

The video is also available here as a Quicktime movie (.mov) here.

(be patient, it's a large file and might take a minute or two to download.)

The Storyline crew is group of wonderful people and braved the steep roof and ladders while carrying heavy cameras and sound equipment on three separate days of filming. What a bunch of pros! Bluelights would like to thank Teague, Peter, Gerald and Courtney for all of their hard work and especially thank Lee Shelton and host Eric Langford for giving us a chance to share the Bluelights with the millions of people in TV Land.

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